UK e-cig BAN from 20th May 2017

As we previously informed the TPD rules which came into force on 20th May 2016 would affect all electronic cigarette products in the whole of EU and UK of course. EU and UK government call it 'regulation' but for many items it will mean a real BAN in fact.

A transition period for products not compliant with the TPD allows them to remain on sale until

20th May 2017.


My name is Romek. I’ve been working for el-cigarettes from 2011 and this is my personal message to all of you vapers and customers.

As you might remember, last year we told you about TPD rules which are coming into life. Happily the TPD regulations gave us another year of vaping freedom but the moment when they catch us is becoming closer and closer. From 20th May 2017 a new law will cover all electronic cigarette business in the whole of United Kingdom.

What you should know about it? What to expect from 20th May 2017? Below I’ll try to explain all aspects regarding e-liquids, so that you can prepare yourself for this REAL BAN.

  1. First of all, all e-liquids need to be registered under TPD. That means that EVERY flavour/strength combination needs a separate registration and all importers / sellers need to pay for that. And this needs to be renewed every year. For a store like us, we’d need approximately 500 e-liquids to be registered. We obviously cannot afford it. It is unlikely that even the biggest players on market will get all flavours through TPD. The fact is that only the most popular tobacco oriented flavours (tobacco, USA mix, Golden Virginia, Camel, Mint) will remain on the list after 20th May 2017. All less popular fruity or spicy flavours will disappear for good. Recently we received a letter from FeelLife – one of the biggest e-liquid manufacturers - with a list of 9 most popular flavours they do plan to have registered for TPD. What about the rest? Unfortunately you can only say goodbye to most of flavours available today.
  2. All nicotine strength above 20mg will be banned. Today you can have them up to 36mg.
  3. All bottles bigger than 10ml will be banned. So no more saving with 30ml or 50ml packaging.

These are facts. You can google and find much more information about TPD. I know that many of you voted for Brexit with a hope, that we’ll stay away from European legislation. Unfortunately UK has already been on TPD path and nothing will change in this matter.

So what can we expect after 20th May 2017?

Many small sellers will stop offering e-liquids at all (they can still sell 0mg) and the prices of those remaining on market will get much higher. We think that 100% price rise is the least you can expect. More than 90% of flavours will disappear for ever.

Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves or at least to soften the TPD impact?

Yes, for the 2-3 year scope, you obviously can. And still have a hope that during the upcoming years the law will change and give us vaping freedom again in future. I’ve mentioned 2-3 year period – yes – from our experience we know that nicotine containing e-liquid can be stored for such a period without any problem. I’ll tell you even more – we are vapours ourselves as well, and personally use liquid (mint) which has been in use since 2011 and is still as good as new. But please don’t take it as a formal advice or a guarantee, this is just a personal experience sharing. will keep offering our e-liquids including the best selling ELC Gold and ELC Green in 30ml and 50ml bottles up until 20th May 2017. But please bear in mind that some of less popular flavours may disappear earlier than on that final date. But even so, all can be still ordered from us as a special order at a normal price. Just contact us on for details.

Kind Regards,

The Team at