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  • GS LSS LSBox 80W TC

    GS/LSS LSBox 80W TC

    GENUINE GS/LSS product coming with one-year manufacturer's guarantee*

    This is top shelf premium box with temperature control and numerous advanced options. New fashion design. Perfect solution for DIY vapers. Features OLED screen. 7-80W output wattage.

  • JacksVape 60ml/40ml Shortfill

    JacksVape 60ml/40ml shortfill

    40ml of base e-liquid in 60ml bottle. Needs 10ml or 20ml of nicotine shot or ZERO neutral shot. Highest quality brand. Made in EU.

    • JacksVape brand
    • 60% VG | 40% PG
    • 0 mg/ml (ZERO) nicotine
    • many flavours to choose from
    • nicotine shots available separately
  • Kanger Top Evod kit

    Kanger Top Evod kit

    Kanger Top Evod Kit comes with 1.7ml top filling VOCC-T Atomizer and EVOD battery 650mAh. It is a simple compact kit features competitive price, easy to use, huge vapour.

  • NeGo 2200mAh twist battery

    NeGO 2200mAh twist battery

    NeGO 2200mAh twist battery - a brand new design huge capacity variable voltage eGo battery.

    The NeGO has a numbered dial located at the base of the battery which has markings to indicate approximate output voltage from 3.3 to 4.8 V, and is adjustable throughout the entire voltage range. Simply turn the dial to your desired vaping voltage.

    Price lowered!
  • GS LSS G1 Subohm starter kit

    GS/LSS G1 Sub Ohm kit

    This is GENUINE GS/LSS product.

    A new, small but really powerful e-cig. Supports 0.5 Ohm coil, 2ML atomizer capacity. Advanced technology makes 650mAh battery sufficient for all day vaping.

    Just imagine, 30W works on a tiny vape pen(EVOD size) which produce bigger vapor than a giant box mod.

  • GS eGo II decorative ring

    GS eGo II decorative ring

    This is genuine GS product.

    Decorative top ring specially designed for GS eGo II 22oomAh battery. Fills the gap between the battery and cartomizer when 510 threaded devices are in use such as: Protank, Mini Protank, Aerotank, Vivi Nova, MegaTwix.

    EL-CIGARETTES has tested this product and confirms its highest quality.

  • AGO Herb Vaporizer

    AGO Herb Vaporizer

    AGO Vaporizer is the premier dry herb vaporiser pen. Stylish, portable, and designed with discretion in mind, it can be carried with you wherever you go. Take this light-weight vaporiser with you to the beach, to your own living room, or anywhere else you enjoy smoking dry herbs. This vaporiser heats up in seconds and releases the aromas from your herbs without any hiccups or fuss.

    Price lowered!
  • Samsung INR18650-25R High Drain Battery

    Samsung INR18650-25R High Drain Battery

    The Samsung 25R batteries are great for your general VV/VW Mods and outperform most 18650 batteries on the market. Generally an excellent quality, reliable Lithium battery that gives consistent great performance.

    Genuine Samsung INR18650-25R High Drain Lithium Battery. 2500mAh capacity - 20A Continuous Discharge.

  • Jomo Lite 40 TPD

    Jomo Lite 40 TPD kit

    This is hugely popular in UK. A brand new re-designed TPD version coming with 2ML tank. With a substantial 40W output and 2200mAh mod battery the Jomo Lite 40 kit can rival many other sophisticated box modes.

    On sale!
  • 18350 batteries

    18350 Li-Ion replacement cell

    • 18350 Li-ion 900 mAh protected cell
    • Replacement cell for VMax mod (you'll need 2 pcs)
    • Can be charged separately with VMax kit charger
    • Short circuit, overcharge and discharge protection
    • The voltage of full charge and cut-off discharge is 4.2V and 2.75V
  • Wismec Reuleaux RX200S kit

    Wismec Reuleaux RX200S kit

    Another innovative version of Reuleaux series is codesigned by JayBo and Wismec.
    Unique exterior design and advanced temperature control technology make it stand out from others. The improved 0.96inch OLED screen is a bright spot of the device. Ugradeable firmware will enable your device always up to date. Magnetic back cover matches well with the body. 

    18650 CELLS NOT INCLUDED!!! - see below.

    On sale!
  • eGo eCONO battery [5-pack]

    eGo battery [5-pack]

    eGo high capacity battery with 3-click (5-click) on/off safety feature. eCONO means budget product - still good quality with budget price.
    Suitable for all eGo starter kits/atomizers sold by El-Cigarettes.

    Available battery capacity: 650mAh. Available in different colours.

    On sale!
  • EVOD battery

    EVOD battery

    • EVOD high capacity battery with 5-click on/off safety feature
    • Suitable for eGo-T/eGo-C/eGo-W/CE4 starter kits/atomizers sold by El-Cigarettes

    Available colours: BLACK & STAINLESS STEEL

    Available battery capacity: 650 mAh & 1100 mAh (+£1.00)

    Price lowered!
  • 14500 charger

    14500 charger

    • External charger suitable for charging 14500 batteries
    • Delivered with free UK wall plug adaptor [for UK customers]
  • eGo-Q DRAGON batteries

    eGo-Q DRAGON battery

    The eGo Q battery series have been designed to meet a growing demand for batteries that aren't simply black or silver. This range of batteries has a laser etched coating applied and is available in several different styles/designs. Whatever your choice of design, they look and feel great!

    Available battery capacity:

    • 650 mAh
    • 1100 mAh (+£1.00)

    Price lowered!
  • 510 to eGo adaptor

    510 to eGo adaptor

    This adapter will let you use eGo tank atomisers and other cone shaped eGo style atomisers on your 510 battery or 510 mod (like ELC VMod) which doesn't currently accept these devices.

    IMPORTANT NOTEThe fit of adapters cannot be guaranteed with all devices and all atomisers. Purchasing for any other conversion is at your own risk and is not warrantied.

  • GS eGo II Twist battery 2200mAh

    GS eGo II Twist battery 2200mAh

    This is GENUINE GS product.

    GS eGo II Twist Battery is an advanced version of GS eGo II series. With a Buck-Boost converter inside you can easily spin the knob at the bottom to adjust output voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V. Comes with a luxury carbon fibre printing and a top ring.

    EL-CIGARETTES has tested this product and confirms its highest quality.

    Out of stock
  • Eleaf iStick VV/VW Mod Kit

    Eleaf iStick VV/VW Mod FULL Kit

    Eleaf iStick 2200mAh variable voltage/wattage mod is a compact battery device with an easy to read OLED display, simple to use controls, and an ergonomic compact feel in the hand. It has a flat top 510 connection with a separate adapter to allow the use of eGo style tanks.

    This is one of the smallest devices on market with such a large capacity battery.

    Genuine product with authentity sticker.

    Out of stock
  • MT3S/T3S base & coils [5-pack]

    Kanger MT3S/T3S base & coil [5-pack]

    Genuine replacement bases & coils for T3S and MT3S / T3S clearomizers made by KangerTech. Standard 2.5 Ohm resistance. Suitable also for MT3 carts after having replaced the base of MT3.

    Yua are getting 5 x base plus 5 x coil.

  • Wall USB Adaptor (EU)

    Wall USB Adaptor (EU)

    EU 2-pin mains USB adaptor

    On sale!